Ginette NY diamond cut chain

"It is hard to pick a favorite from ginette ny...but if I had to it would be the baby lace monogram"

Originally from Marseille, France, and trained as a painter Frederique's eye for the "stylistic simple" fine jewelry pieces are always a great addition to any women's wardrobe. From her experiences of selling her wares in the streets of New York City, Nolita district, she acquired the instinct for that signature style every fashion conscientious women wants to emulate.

Ginette NY diamond cut chain
. SIC0011: 16" chain $170
. SIC0012: 18" chain $180
. 14K gold
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**price effective from September 2011

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Ginette NY
Designer ~Frederique Dessemond

Frederique's designs compliment, from an ensemble of everyday chicness, to the bold but elegant statement, for that complete look. The subtle details are what sets hers apart from the rest of the look-a-likes. And it is evident in the trend setting lace monogram collection. Her use of the top precious metals, and gems, are an easy answer for any outfit, or for a thoughtful gift for a special occasion.

Complement d'objet.
It is simply the best gift one can give, and receive.